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The i20 remains popular because of its easy to drive nature

I never thought I would say this but I quite like the i20. In terms of aesthetics, I really can’t differentiate it with the pre-facelift and the minor changes here and there do up the appeal and the freshness of this Hyundai. However, it’s really the light controls, light steering and punchy motor which has made me stick to this Korean hatch when there are more driver centric cars at MotorBeam HQ.

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The light steering of the i20 makes it easy to maneuver and park

The Hyundai Elite i20 is one well-rounded premium hatchback

Just to put this into perspective, the i20’s steering doesn’t offer much feel, it’s light and easy to twirl but fails to weigh up at speed. But on the flip side, the light steering makes it effortless to drive this car, the soft suspension gives it a great ride quality at low speeds and since my running has been largely in the city, I am rather content with it. But out on the highway, it doesn’t feel reassuring when you drive spiritedly and given my current exhausted state, I am in no mood to be spirited.