The Hyundai ix25 was subjected to full front crash, side impact, whiplash and 40 percent overall front crash tests in China scoring impressive points in all.

Hyundai ix25 Front Crash Test
The ix25 tested was the base variant that comes void of side and curtain airbags

Upping its ante on the new range of products, Hyundai has been working aggressively in improving not only the feature list but also the overall build quality and safety on its vehicles as well. After the flagship Genesis sedan scored a full five stars at the Australian NCAP late last year, it is now the South Korean automaker’s new compact SUV the ix25 that has scored five stars at the China New Car Assessment Program (C-NCAP).

The new Hyundai ix25 compact SUV was subjected to 4 crash tests under the C-NCAP. In the 100 percent full frontal overlap test conducted at 50 km/hr, the SUV scored 15.89 points out of 18 points. The side impact test was conducted at a speed of 50-51 km/hr, where the SUV scored 18 out of 18 points. The 40 percent overall front crash test on the other hand was conducted at 64 km/hr and here the ix25 scored 14.18 points out of 18. Lastly, the 2015 ix25 received a 100 percent score in the whiplash test with the driver’s seat and restraint system perform at the speed of 15.65 km/hr.

Launched in October last year in China, the cumulative result for the 2015 ix25 was a very impressive full 5 stars. What also makes the achievement remarkable is the fact that the model tested was the base version and wasn’t equipped with curtain or side airbags. With vehicle safety becoming a strong point in the domestic market as well, we do expect Hyundai to retain the impressive safety levels on the India spec ix25 that will hit the showrooms in the coming months.

Hyundai has invested around Rs. 1000 crores in the development of the ix25, while the company will have over 90 percent localization on the SUV to keep the prices competitive against rivals Renault Duster, Nissan Terrano and the likes. To be produced at the automaker’s Chennai based facility, the new ix25 is likely to come with petrol and diesel engine options, while the 4WD version is also expected to be on offer.

Hyundai ix25 Side Impact Crash Test
The ix25 scored a full 100 percent on the whiplash test

Source – Auto.163