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Ride quality and high speed stability has improved a lot

However, I am happy to note that the new Verna definitely drives much better than its predecessor, no longer does it feel hairy and feels comfortable at triple-digit speeds too. One feature which makes the Verna stand out in the segment and the one I have overused this summer, has to be the ventilated seats, I can’t praise it enough for the heat has been soaring and cars costing more than twice as much don’t have this feature!

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The chiller AC and ventilated seats are a huge boon

Features such as ventilated seats, Apple CarPlay and sunroof add to the feel-good factor

Further making the driving experience better are the large windows and the sunroof, quite a boon when you get into the cabin of the Verna after a long day at work. The smart trunk feature is also quite useful and these are the features I use quite frequently. When I go to another car of the same segment, I definitely miss these. Being an audiophile, I like the sound quality and the fact that it supports Apple CarPlay which makes it effortless to connect.

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The diesel engine is powerful and fuel-efficient

The 1.6-litre diesel engine is refined, offers punchy performance and is simply a hoot in straight-line acceleration. Body roll could be better contained but the gear shifts are slick, the clutch is light and the ride is excellent too. Simply put, the Hyundai Verna is an easy car to drive and because it is frugal too, it returns around 14 km/l which is great mileage for the most powerful car in its segment.