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The Verna’s design has some snazzy elements

Quality of the cabin is good, insulation is great, fit-finish is excellent too. Do I have any gripe? The rear seat could offer more space, around the twisties, more feedback would be greatly appreciated and the Verna could easily be ready to fend off the upcoming next-generation Honda City. I haven’t ventured with the car much on the highway, so I plan to do that to better understand the highway mileage, overtaking faster moving vehicles and also the stability at e-way speeds. Till then, maybe a sportier version, even in terms of cosmetics, would be a good bet to keep the competition out of the bay!

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This generation of the Verna was launched in 2017

What’s Cool

* Feature-loaded cabin
* Punchy diesel engine with great fuel economy
* Comfy ride and easy-to-drive dynamics

What’s Not So Cool

* Rear seat space

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Hyundai and Lexus make some of the most attractive cars

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