Hyundai Verna Review
The Hyundai Verna is quite practical for daily runs

Hyundai Verna Diesel Long Term Review

The Verna’s feature-loaded cabin and easy-to-drive nature has impressed us a lot

If there is one car which challenged the Honda City’s stronghold on the top, it was the Hyundai Verna, the last gen’s major advantage was its diesel engine but as soon as the Japanese rival got armed with the same, the Korean sedan couldn’t hold its lead in the segment. Things have changed with the fourth generation model (fifth globally) and after driving the top of the line diesel manual, we can testify to its popularity.

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The light steering found in Hyundai cars offers ease of driving

Hyundai has been very smart with its understanding of Indian customers, while most of my colleagues always discuss about steering feel, I am more than happy with a light steering, easy to twirl, less work when parking and since I have been driving in the city, I never miss the heft of a better-calibrated EPS. Now, why is Hyundai smart here, because they understand the majority don’t really care about driving feel as much.