Ride To Safety Guinness World Record
5000 children formed the shape of a helmet

A lot of road accidents take place in our country every day and there have been instances where even innocent people have fallen prey to these incidents. The major reason for this is the lack of road safety knowledge. There are a lot of people who don’t understand the importance of safety equipment like seatbelts & helmets and many citizens wear these just to save themselves from the cops.

Usually, we see that whenever a 2-wheeler is being ridden, only the rider wears the helmet while the pillion (adult or child) rides without a helmet. People need to understand that it isn’t only the rider that needs a helmet but also the pillion. In case an accident happens, there is a very high chance of the pillion getting injured too, so a helmet always comes in to be useful. More than 25% road accidents involve 2-wheelers and every year around 7000 children fall prey to road accidents. *Source (http://www.nhai.org/)

Now, ICICI Lombard has been imparting road safety awareness training in various cities throughout India and through this direct connect programs they have created awareness amongst more than 1 lakh children as well as their parents. Under this initiative, the company has already distributed 70,000 ISI marked helmets till date.

As part of their Ride to Safety initiative, ICICI Lombard today distributed 5000 ISI-marked helmets to children at the JVPD Grounds in Juhu, Mumbai between 10 AM and 12 noon and with this they even created Guinness World Records. The children were made seated at the designated position, wherein they formed a shape of a helmet. This record has also broken the earlier record held by the Ministry of Interiors, Dubai where 3927 people formed the shape of a helmet in 2016.

This record attempt by ICICI Lombard has been successful and we’re so happy that it is for such a good cause. It is extremely important to have awareness about road safety and safety equipment right from a young age. Thanks to this, these children will inculcate proper safety precautions in their daily routine and even go out and share this knowledge with their friends.

All this combined will lead to a better future for the nation’s road safety. In our country, every 4 minutes a life is lost in 2- wheeler accident and it is extremely important to bring this number down. By making the children aware about road safety right from a young age, this incident will go a long way in making them responsible citizens of India. *Source (http://www.nhai.org/)

ICICI Lombard Ride To Safety
The Ride To Safety initiative creates awareness about road safety
Ride To Safety Campaign
The event was attended by Bollywood actor Shahid Kapoor
ICICI Lombard
ICICI Lombard has been successful in this record attempt