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It was only a few months back when Italy based Auto designer, Liviu Tudoran, had designed a concept car called the iMove, the exclusive Apple car and now Shane Baxley, who holds a bachelor’s degree in Transportation Design, completed his project on car sharing service designed for the iconic brand. His project is named as ‘iGo’, not forgetting the Apple’s taxonomy policy. The project brings to us three autonomous electric vehicles. Here again, it wouldn’t come as a surprise if the three cars have been named starting with the letter ‘i’.

Apple i Go Car Construction

The first one of all is the ‘iMe’. This is an ultra-compact single-occupancy vehicle. Next comes the ‘iWe’ which is designed for your family. It can be used for longer journeys. The last one is the ‘iUs’ which is just another version of the iWe. The only difference here is that iUs can be driven by the driver inside and it would be the perfect vehicle in case you wish to go out on a romantic drive with your loved one. The concept includes the usage of the Apple’s Cloud Network as well just like all the other iDevices do.

Apple i Go iPhone App

All the three vehicles are controlled by the Cloud Network and the designer says that the Cloud will control 75 percent of all the vehicles on the road. This would help in travelling at high speeds, still just inches away from one another. Thus, this adds to the safety parameter and reduced travel time. Being electric, it also presents zero-emissions levels, making it environment friendly. The design of each of these vehicles is inspired from the purpose it is built for. Well, that seems interesting.

The iMe features wireless charging while on urban roads. It can cover a cool 56 kms between two charging stations. On the other hand, iWe, which is highway oriented, has a 483 kms range. The iUs can cover a 402 kms range between two charging stations. However, these figures are only in theory and the real figures will be known only when this concept enters production. Both iWe and iUs use lithium-ion battery on chassis design. This offers excellent weight distribution and a low center of gravity.

The exterior design of iWe is something unique. It is omni-directional, which means that both the front and the rear of the vehicle are identical. Thus, the LEDs which are used, can work as both head-lights as well as tail-lights. The iUs is just a two-seat sports version of the iWe and has a different seating position and front quarter. The electric motor in iWe can accelerate it from 0-100 km/hr in just 5 seconds. Well, these features do make this project look like Apple’s product. What do you think about it?

Apple i Me Car

Apple i We Car

Apple i Us Car

Source – CarScoop