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If You Don’t Have An iCar.. You Don’t Have An iCar !

iMac- A device that revolutionised the entire computer industry.

iPod- A device that revolutionised the entire music industry.

iPad- A device that revolutionised the entire tablet industry.

iPhone- A device that revolutionised the entire phone industry.

Could the next revolution be in the car industry?

It wouldn’t come with a shock if Apple Inc. one day decides to enter the automobile sector and produce a car that would shake-up the auto industry. Late Steve Jobs had dreamt of creating an iCar, a car which was much needed to change the sad state of car industry in America. But the iCar was just another great idea from the visionary and he had never designed it.

But then, there is still a hope that someday this car would be a reality as Italy based Auto designer, Liviu Tudoran has designed a concept car. The Italian designer did extensive study of the Apple products, their styling and features. And taking the cues from the same, he came up with iMove, the concept car that has the potential to grab 50% of the total market. Quite fascinating. Isn’t it? Well, the excitement continues because this car has been planned for the year 2020.

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So, what are the features that iMove would offer that would make it different from the rest of the best known brands? Let’s have a look at them.

– It would be an electric car.
– It would carry a touch screen panel instead of the traditional steering wheel.
– The car body would be covered with transparent materials, so that the driver would get a cabriolet feeling.
– The roof of the car would be covered with pyramid shaped glass receptors that would charge the car’s electronic dashboard.
– It would be a three-seater providing a ground-breaking luggage space. The luggage can be stored under the elastic textile material in the back of the car. The material can hold any type of object under its pressure.
– The modern and innovative way that the iMove concept opens would give a very good access to the interiors. The top part of the car which is inspired by the Apple’s Macintosh mouse shape can also open while driving giving a cabriolet feeling.
– The photochromic material used for exterior transparent area of the car gives the option of customization so that owners can change the appearance of the car, using different available presets, according to their preferences. Thus, various rims and colour variations of the exterior can be adapted to the target buyer’s age and personal tastes in short.

Aren’t these features mesmerizing? Well, I think, a product like this from the iconic Apple brand shouldn’t be surprising and one day would hit the roads.

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