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The interior is premium and luxurious

Interiors – Getting in the F-Pace is relatively easy as the car sits rather low to the ground. Once inside, you can easily stretch out. Surrounding the driver is a rakish windscreen, high rising door cards, and the fascia and a relatively high transmission tunnel. So the F-Pace does not feel like an SUV initially.

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Sitting 3 is difficult due to the high transmission tunnel

The F-Pace gets a panoramic sunroof, it’s loaded with a lot of equipment

Jaguar hasn’t made the dashboard design too radical and that is a good thing. The interiors, particularly in beige look classy and properly upmarket. The centre console gets all the controls at convenient locations, meaning you don’t have to take your eyes too much off the road while controlling. The dashboard is adorned by the large 10.2-inch touchscreen infotainment screen complete with all the necessary connectivity and navigation features. You also get a sweet sounding Meridian Audio System and 360-degree sensors all around to make it easier for you to park you large F-Pace.

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The boot is spacious but misses out on a spare wheel

The infotainment system is quick to respond but lacks the ultimate degree of crispiness found in BMW’s iDrive. Nonetheless, owners are likely to appreciate the horizontally placed screen for its versatility. The F-Pace also comes with a larger all-digital instrument cluster which looks smashing with all the graphics and is very easy to read.

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The F-Pace is loaded with tech

The start-stop button pulses for attention, attention to detail is very unique

There is more to make you feel special on the inside. You get configurable ambient mood lighting, a 10-way electric adjust for the front seats, cooled glovebox, auto-dimming rearview mirror and a four-zone climate control system. The quality of materials is very good for the most part but when you dig deep, you are bound to come across some less-than-perfect plastics especially in the lower parts of the dashboard. The cabin also does not feel as indestructible as some of its German rivals.

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The gear lever rises out of the centre console

The front seats are really comfortable and offer a variety of adjustments. We also love some details up front that adds to the cabin’s sense of occasion. The cowl at the very end of the dash that extends from the passenger’s door to the driver’s gives the cabin a snug feel. The gear lever that rises up as you press the start/stop button is also a clever touch. We’ve seen this in many Jaguar cars and it is a little old but it still feels premium.

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The F-Pace gets 4-zone climate control

The back seats offer generous legroom and just about enough headroom. However, the seats don’t feel as supportive as the ones found in the Volvo XC60 and they are best for two, thanks to the intruding rear AC vents and a hump in the floorboard. The panoramic sunroof adds to the airiness of the cabin.