Jaguar Land Rover has come with InControl apps for some of their products and some popular Indian applications are compatible with this interface.

Land Rover InControl Applications
The InControl Apps interface uses data from your phone’s network

At a time when almost all car manufacturers are coming up with new technologies in their vehicles, Jaguar Land Rover is not one to stay behind. The automaker launched their new InControl apps and this intuitive new software will be available on the top variants of the Discovery Sport and also the Range Rover and Range Rover Sport line-up. The company aims to introduce this tech to its other products in the near future too. Apart from Land Rover, even the Jaguar range of cars is set to benefit from this soon.

So how does this work? First up, you need to download the Land Rover app launcher from the Android Play Store or the Apple Store depending on what phone you have. Then the phone needs to be connected to the car using a USB cable and once the launcher is fired up, the screen on the centre console starts displaying the list of apps. As of now, only four Indian apps are compatible with InControl and they are – NDTV, Zomato, MapMyIndia and Hungama.

These apps have been tweaked in a different way than their actual mobile phone versions. Also, since using a phone while driving isn’t safe as well as against the law, the interface makes sure your phone isn’t usable once it is connected via the USB port. The InControl interface also has the ability to read out news headlines too. Other regular features like maps, music streaming, phone dial, etc. are available.

Jaguar Land Rover is working with Bosch to roll out even more applications for InControl in due course of time. They are also working on introducing this technology to other models from the Jaguar as well as the Land Rover stable.

Land Rover InControl Apps
Four Indian applications – Hungama, Zomato, MapMyIndia and NDTV are compatible
Land Rover InControl Application Software
The InControl interface is compatible with both Android as well as iOS