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Just recently Jay Leno got his own Tata Nano. Now the American TV show host has a thing for cars and has an exhaustive collection of them. The Nano is by far the cheapest, least powerful car he has ever owned. So what do you think will he say after driving one? Well Jay Leno has made a video in which you can see the journey of his Nano, right from Tata Motor’s factory in Gujarat to Leno’s garage in Los Angeles. Since the Nano does not meet US crash regulations, Leno took the Nano to a test track to give his opinion on the world’s cheapest car.

The Tata Nano is indeed an achievement for Tata Motors. Not only is the Nano the cheapest car in the world, it is a proper car. Remember any one can build a car without having price consideration in mind but the feat achieved by the team who worked on the Nano is truly noteworthy. Tata Motors will be bringing in more version of the Nano in the near future, with better powertrains and equipment levels. The company has also started exports of the Nano to near-by countries and is working on the left-hand drive version of the vehicle for global markets.

Jay Leno Tata Nano