Kawasaki India has terminated its contract with one of its’ dealers based out at Navi Mumbai for its inability to deliver the products to their customers despite accepting high token amounts.

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You certainly would not want to be in news for the wrong reason in the Indian automobile industry especially with the onslaught of products about to enter from the competition. While it is a known fact that companies operate via the dealership model, it should also be learnt that the dealerships are the face of the company in our market.

Kawasaki has had a tough time dealing with SNK Palm Beach’s incompetence to deliver the products. The instance came into limelight after several customers shared the agonising experience of the negligence on the part of a dealer even after paying high amounts of token money.

There was one instance where one individual had waited for 90 days but still could not receive any revert from the dealer’s end. The individual even turned to the company directly to no avail as the company stated that they did not receive any money from the dealer. There was another instance where one person had saved up money for 7 long years to get his hands on his dream ride. Sadly, his dreams too were shattered as he had to endure the same trauma.

Being a customer of such premium exotic bikes would have required people to save up for years of their hard-earned money to hook onto to that dream bike of theirs. Then, with such negligence and devil-may-care attitude adopted by the dealer, it is beyond a shadow of doubt that the company’s image takes a hit of critical nature.

Kawasaki India officially stated that it had came to their notice that SNK Palm Beach had failed to serve its customers and failed to deliver to the customers the Kawasaki motorcycles booked by them. Further, SNK Palm Beach has committed material breaches of the terms and conditions of the dealership. Hence, they have terminated the dealership of SNK Palm Beach for its motorcycles.

It’s really saddening that one has to deal with such levels of unprofessional behaviour which ultimately ruins the reputation of the manufacturer. What’s more surprising is that one could not find any damage control measures been initiated by the company in this particular case. The company stated that a new dealer will be finalised soon.

We at MotorBeam, always loved the products of Kawasaki. And we do sincerely hope that the guys who have suffered the miserable treatment are helped in any possible way by the company to repair the lost trust that the consumer had in Kawasaki.

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– Kawasaki terminated dealership contract with Navi Mumbai based SNK Palm Beach
– The move came as dealer’s inability to provide for the bikes which had been ordered
– Customers had paid high amount as token but could not get their hands on the bike
– Kawasaki would soon appoint a new dealer for the region

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