Kawasaki Electric Motorcycle
This is one of the earliest prototypes of the brand’s upcoming electric bike

The first Kawasaki electric motorcycle will come with 4 gears

Japanese motorcycle maker Kawasaki is planning to introduce at least 10 battery electric vehicles (BEVs) and hybrids (combined) by 2025.

It plans to go electric (BEV and hybrid) with all major models for developed countries by 2035 and wants to introduce 16 new models, on an average, per year by 2025 and this includes EVs and hybrids.

This was revealed through Kawasaki’s recent business policy briefing in which the brand’s focus on using hydrogen fuel to power its motorcycles and its aim to further use advanced technologies like connected devices, AI and radar were also mentioned.

Kawasaki Battery Electric Vehicle
Kawasaki is also working on electric adventure bikes

The performance motorcycle manufacturer showcased its electric vehicle architecture at the 2019 EICMA show and the highlight of the machine was that it had 4 gears.

A few months later, Kawasaki also released footage of an electric bike based on the Ninja 300 undergoing testing at a circuit. The brand was testing many systems on the bike which also had a thumb brake activated energy recovery system.

Expected to be called the Endeavour, the upcoming Kawasaki electric motorcycle will feature all-new styling and will be the first of a slew of EVs and hybrid bikes the firm intends to launch.

Nothing is known about Kawasaki’s upcoming hybrid bikes. But, they could form the firm’s performance and touring models in the short term, before EVs completely take charge.