Highway Speed Limit India
Recently constructed roads in India are much safer, says Union Minister Nitin Gadkari

Gadkari wants national speed limit on expressways to be 140 km/hr

Union Road Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari wants the speed limit on national expressways increased to 140 km/hr from the present 120 km/hr.

A Bill to revise the speed limits for vehicles for different categories of roads will soon be introduced in Parliament, the Union Minister added.

Speaking at a recent conclave, Gadkari said, “My personal view is that the speed limit for vehicles on expressways should be increased to 140 km per hour.”

He added that the speed limits on national highways should be at least 100 km/hr on 4-lane roads (which it currently is), while the speed limit for 2-lane roads and city roads should be, respectively, 80 km/hr and 75 km/hr.

The Union Highways minister also stated that, in India, the mentality of the masses is that there will be accidents if the speed of a car increases.

Indian Highways
A combination of safer roads, safer cars and law-abiding motorists can lead to less road fatalities

He claimed that today expressways in India are being constructed to ensure safety and to prevent animals from entering them.

However, her admitted that judgements delivered by the Supreme Court and High Courts in the country regarding national speed limit are preventing the Centre from taking policy decisions on the matter.

Claiming that he has prepared a “file to revise the maximum speed limits for vehicles for different categories of roads,” Gadkari said “…a Bill will soon be introduced in Parliament to revise the speed limit for vehicles on Indian roads.”

The Union Minister also held a meeting with the officials of the Road Transport Ministry back in July to review speed limits of vehicles on roads and national highways.