Kawasaki has filed a number of patents for electric superbike designs a few weeks after trademarking two new names for Ninja, the Ninja E2 and Ninja E2R.

Kawasaki Electric Design Patent
The patent design templates show various details about the motorcycle

Superbikes. Machines that provide exhilarating performance and mind boggling acceleration. But with so many superbikes around, some brands are now looking at various innovations to differentiate themselves from the rest. Kawasaki has always been launching great bikes for enthusiasts and recently launched the Kawasaki H2 which is the first supercharged production bike in the world! To take the game further, Kawasaki might launch electric Ninja’s in the future.

Kawasaki trademarked the names Ninja E2 and Ninja E2R some time ago and now we have found that they have filed at least ten patents for various electric superbike designs. From the sketches it is clearly visible that the design sports a trellis frame and superbike like dimensions. Different position of battery packs within the chassis are seen in various sketches. One of the design features removable chassis section for easy removal of the battery pack. Kawasaki has been working on electric bikes since the past few years but the developments have sped up in the recent past.

A recent patent design by Kawasaki incorporates clutch and gears where the oil pump automatically activates before a gear is selected and feeds the transmission. Other brands like Honda and Harley-Davidson are also working on electric bikes and we will certainly see a lot of electric bikes in the future. Although a great move to save the environment, we feel the absence of a petrol engine and the exhaust note which adds to the character of a superbike will be missed by all. For now, the future of superbikes does look frugal.

Kawasaki Electric Bike
The removable chassis section helps make the removal of the battery pack easier