The Kawasaki Spirit Charger 01 concept is designed for more everyday ride-ability and is not for hard edged performance as the Ninja H2 and H2R.

Kawasaki Spirit Charger Concept
The Spirit Charger concept gives a glimpse into Kawasaki’s future with forced induction

Taking its supercharged technology forward, Kawasaki has unveiled the new Spirit Charger Concept or SC 01 at the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show. The new concept takes the Japanese manufacturer’s supercharged technology forward while the sketch reveals the offering to be a more relaxed machine that will be “suitable for all day, distance enjoyment and riding comfort.

Kawasaki states that Concept Spirit Charger 01 is not designed for hard edged performance as the H2, and instead features softer and more luxurious materials; hence, suggesting at a bike more suitable for everyday performance and comfort. If the Spirit Charger makes it to production, the bike will use a four-cylinder balanced supercharged engine that will retain the performance of a forced induction but also provide enhanced fuel efficiency.

Kawasaki further says that the improved fuel economy levels come courtesy of the electronically controlled flaps at the entrance of the supercharger that allow the volume of air intake and airflow direction to be adjusted for increased efficiency. In addition to the new concepts, Kawasaki announced the ‘Rideology’ strategy. The new strategy along with the Spirit Charger concept will be the guiding light for the manufacturer’s future product development.

The new Concept SC 01 in a way comes from the Ninja H2 and H2R lineage and can be looked being more affordable and lower capacity models to go into production. Recent reports were rife of the automaker introducing the forced induction tech on middleweight offerings and the SC 01 could be a step in that direction. Further, Kawasaki confirmed that the 2016 Ninja H2 and H2R will continue to remain limited in production.

Kawasaki Balanced Supercharged Engine Forced Induction
The supercharger gets electronically controlled flaps at the entrance for enhanced fuel efficiency
Kawasaki Balanced Supercharged Engine
Kawasaki’s newly developed Balanced Supercharged Engine