Kawasaki is working on a new 200cc motorcycle that will be in the sportbike category and has been codenamed K210.

Kawasaki J Concept Gigacell
The K210 mystery motorcycle will reportedly get a 200cc engine

A recent online report suggests that Kawasaki is silently working on an all-new quarter-litre motorcycle codenamed ‘K210’ that is said to be in the early stages of development. Having heard of it for the first time, very little is known about the upcoming offering from the Japanese manufacturer save for the part that it will be in the sportbike segment and will be powered by a 200cc engine. If the K210 is set for launch in the coming months, the bike will be Kawasaki’s fifth offering in the 250cc space with the twin-cylinder Ninja 250 and Z250, as well as the single-cylinder 250SL and the Z250SL already in existence.

The news of the K210 takes us back to the rumours of Kawasaki building a four-cylinder Ninja for limited markets. With certain countries charging higher taxes on 250cc and above motorcycles like that in Indonesia, the 4-cylinder Ninja 250 would be the ideal way to extract maximum performance from the confines of cubic capacity. Could the K210 turn out to be the 4-cylinder Ninja 250 or an all-new Z250 in the making? Not much is known right now.

What we can anticipate though is Kawasaki might show something influential at any of the upcoming motor shows globally or a major unveil at EICMA in Milan, Italy in November this year can also be expected. Having brought the Ninja H2 and H2R flagship superbikes, the K210 keeps us excited as we expect to see a host of learnings from the superbikes showing up on the upcoming motorcycle while the styling too will be heavily inspired. Everything at present remains a speculation and more details are expected in the following months.

Kawasaki J Concept Comfort Mode
The K210 from Kawasaki is said to be in early stages of development

Source – Iwanbanaran.com