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Mahindra to introduce hybrid technology if there is a strong customer demand

In a recent statement made during the Q4 earnings call, Mahindra’s Managing Director, Anish Shah, shed light on the company’s strategic outlook towards hybrid technology. While reaffirming Mahindra’s commitment to electric vehicles, Shah expressed openness towards embracing hybrid vehicles should market demand dictate.

Shah emphasised that while hybrids are viewed as an extension of Internal Combustion Engine vehicles, Mahindra remains vigilant in monitoring technological advancements in the hybrid space. “We view hybrids as an extension of ICE, it’s a slightly different powertrain. And to the extent that it’s required, we’ll be ready with that,” Shah stated.

However, he cautioned against the expectation of government incentives for hybrid cars, highlighting the disparity in benefits compared to EVs. “I know there’s been a lot of debate on hybrids but government incentives are typically to enable an industry to transition to a place that’s better for the economy,” Shah remarked. He pointed out that while EVs offer zero emissions and reduced fuel dependency, hybrids still retain some level of emissions and incur higher production costs due to their dual powertrain system.

The discourse around hybrid technology in India has gained momentum, particularly with Maruti and Toyota leading the market with their hybrid offerings. Yet, the landscape remains nuanced, with concerns raised over the cost-effectiveness of hybrids and the viability of government incentives.

Shah’s comments come amidst Toyota’s dominance in the hybrid segment, commanding a substantial market share. Additionally, Suzuki Japan’s plans to introduce cost-effective hybrid models further underscore the evolving dynamics of the Indian automotive market.

Hybrid vehicles represented a modest 2 percent of India’s total car sales in 2023, indicating a niche but growing segment. As the industry navigates towards sustainable mobility solutions, the role of hybrids alongside EVs warrants careful consideration.

Imagine driving hybrid Mahindra SUVs like Scorpio-N, XUV700 or even Thar while they offer fuel efficiency upwards of 30-40 km/l. What are your thoughts on this technology and which side are you on – hybrid or EVs?

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