Now bikes won’t be allowed to move out of showrooms in Allahabad until registered due to increasing number of thefts and miscreants.

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High performance motorcycles are mostly used for criminal offence in Allahabad

Realising the increasing number of thefts and criminal activities due to having no registration plates on bikes, Allahabad cops have ordered new rules to automotive dealerships. Under this rule, no new two-wheeler will be rolled out of showrooms without registration. Violation of this order would lead to punitive action against the dealership and seizure of the vehicle itself.

For hassle-free commuting in the city, one has to get the registration number printed on both the front and rear of the two-wheeler. This move has been specially made for high speed motorcycles (220cc or above) as they are mostly used by miscreants for chain, purse snatching and other offences according to Allahabad cops.

If the bikes have the registration number printed on both the sides properly then it would also help the cops arrest the thieves more efficiently. Auto-theft is increasing rapidly in Allahabad and these measures are now being taken to get some control over thefts. The police has already seized two bikes without registration under 24 hours of the implementation of this order. The owners of these vehicles were also booked under the Motor Vehicle’s Act.

Many people tend to take delivery of their bikes prior to registration as the process for the same is quite lengthy at times. Also in case of special numbers, one has to wait longer and thus dealers usually give delivery on a temporary number. With such a step taken up by officials in Allahabad, expect other cities to follow up with a similar rule in the future.

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The bikes will get seized and action will be taken against dealerships if rule not followed