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If there was an award for wacky names, Maruti Suzuki would have won it already. The company showcased the Maruti Suzuki Eeco Fun Station one-off concept at the 2012 Auto Expo and there was nothing special about it that we complete forgot about it already. The Maruti Eeco is an entry level people carrier, which is an excellent alternative to the Omni. The erstwhile Versa looks very dated but the Fun Station Concept tries to hide all the aging with a tint of botox added for good measure. All round modifications suggest that the Eeco Fun Station is not just a small last moment cosmetic upgrade to the Maruti Eeco, but instead some useful things have gone into it. For starters, there is a tent write on the roof, which can be opened when you find the place to set your camp. Moving ahead, a new grille along with a aggresive body kit has been added as well.

Black finished alloy wheels, along with a body kit which seems to have been finished in carbon fibre colour looks quite cool. The second row of seats have been pushed all the way back to increase legroom for the passengers, with a rather large 19-inch LCD display positioned right behind the front seats for entertainment on the move. A reversing camera along with rear parkign sensors ensure that you know where you are going when you stop in the jungle to park for the night. Power comes in from a 1196cc, petrol engine which produces 73 BHP of power at 6000 RPM and 101 Nm of torque at 3000 RPM. Even though the engine specs are quite average, the Maruti Eeco is decently quick thanks to its 928 kgs weight. Would you buy the Eeco Fun Station for a premium of Rs. 30,000/- over the regular Eeco?

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