Wagon R electric launch has been postponed, it won’t be introduced in 2020.

Maruti EV Prototype Flag-off
The Wagon R EV is currently not ready for commercial launch

The much awaited first electric car from Maruti Suzuki has been doing rounds of test since last year in India. We have spotted the Wagon R based EV multiple times in Navi Mumbai. With the aggressive testing of the EV across the country, we expected Maruti to introduce the car by 2020 but that’s not happening.

It has been confirmed by Maruti Suzuki top boss RC Bhargava that the electric vehicle work is in progress and the R&D continues and it will carry on before mass acceptance. The Wagon R electric won’t make its debut in 2020 and instead the electric vehicle will go on its next stage of testing in 2020.

The carmaker says that the Wagon R EV is not a stage where it can be launched sold commercially. According to the carmaker, the priorities of the govt has changed towards electric two-wheelers and not passenger cars and Maruti is in no hurry to launch their first EV in the country.

Maruti Suzuki believes currently there is no infrastructure to support the commercial consumption of EVs yet and if they introduce the electric car now, it will be priced higher.

Maruti Wagon R Electric Launch

– The Wagon R EV won’t be launched in 2020
– It will commence its 2nd stage of testing in 2020
– The electric car isn’t ready for commercial launch yet

Maruti EV Prototype
Maruti will commence next stage of testing in 2020