Maruti Wagon R Flex Fuel Prototype
Maruti to launch their first Flex Fuel car in 2025

Maruti Wagon R Flex Fuel prototype recently showcased in Delhi

Maruti recently showcased the Wagon R Flex Fuel prototype in Delhi. It has been designed to run on any ethanol-petrol blend between 20% (E20) and 85% (E85) fuel.

The prototype has been designed and developed locally by engineers of Maruti Suzuki, with necessary support from Suzuki Motor Corporation, Japan.

It has an upgraded engine designed specifically to use higher ethanol-blended petrol. To make the engine compatible with higher ethanol blends (E20-E85), new fuel system technologies like heated fuel rail for cold start assist and ethanol sensor for ethanol percentage detection have been built.

Engine management system, upgraded fuel pump and fuel injector along with few other components have been developed along with upgradation of other mechanical components to ensure engine and vehicle durability.

The Flex Fuel engine will comply with the stringent BS6 Phase-II emission norms. The carmaker plans to do extensive evaluation of this technology in the Indian market with Indian ethanol-blended fuel.

Currently, Maruti Suzuki is working on technologies including Electric, Hybrid Electric, CNG, Bio-gas, Ethanol, Flex-Fuel, etc. They have committed to make its entire product range E20 fuel material compliant by March 2023. They will introduce their first Flex Fuel car in 2025.