Maserati has revealed its first ever SUV, the Levante. The Maserati Levante will make its public debut at the upcoming Geneva International Motor Show.

2017 Maserati Levante Front
The grille design and headlamp design is typical Maserati

All across the world, customers love their SUVs. Earlier, it was the more mainstream manufacturers which catered to this segment but over the years, demand for luxury SUVs has increased. The fact that they offer luxury along with a heavy dose of practicality make them a good compromise for the customer.

Niche car makers have shied away from SUVs as they always felt it doesn’t gel well with what the brand stands for. But seeing the demand and market potential, the urge to launch one is strong. While Bentley has come up with Bentayga, Lamborghini is working on the Urus and Rolls-Royce is working on an SUV too. And now, Maserati has come up with the Levante.

The Maserati Levante has been styled in line with the current crop of cars from the Italian manufacturer. Although it does have an uncanny resemblance to rival cars from other brands like Lexus and Porsche. While the interior details and mechanicals details aren’t officially out yet, they have been leaked already. The SUV shares engines and interiors with the Ghibli.

The interior layout on the Maserati Levante is similar to the Ghibli with leather splashed all around and a large touchscreen for the infotainment system. All the variants get a sophisticated suspension to improve ride quality and a 8-speed gearbox for smooth shifts. The engine options include –

1) 3.0-litre V6 diesel engine producing around 247 BHP of power
2) 3.0-litre V6 petrol engine producing around 345 BHP of power
3) 3.8-litre V8 petrol engine producing around 444 BHP of power

Maserati Levante

– Based on the Kubang Concept
– Global unveiling at the Geneva International Motor Show
– Will come with three engine options
– Balance between practicality and involving driving experience

2017 Maserati Levante
SUVs are gaining massive popularity for more reasons than one
2017 Maserati Levante Side
The Maserati Levante is compact enough to have fun when desired
2017 Maserati Levante Rear
Rear end of the Levante looks a bit bland save for the quad exhausts