McLaren P1

With SUVs becoming a rage among the rich, every manufacturer luxury and exotic wants to be a part of the very profitable segment with their ultra luxurious products. Bentley has its SUV announced, while Rolls-Royce is also contemplating on the same. While certain automakers have little experience in building SUVs, for others it will be a completely new segment altogether. However, exotic British car maker McLaren best known for the F1 hyper car and its Formula One racing team has ruled out the possibility of producing SUVs in the country and instead will stick to building only sports cars.

McLaren Automotive genuinely believe that they make the best sports cars in the world and want to remain much focused in being primarily a sports car brand producing the finest machines in the world. Unlike McLaren, other sports car brands like Lamborghini will venture in the SUV segment with its first SUV in the next three years. Porsche on the other hand already had a head start with the Cayenne (its best selling model in India) and now the Macan SUV which is touted to bring in the volumes for the company.

McLaren though is working on the replacement of the MP4-12C, with the 650S and has set a floor price of $1,77,000 (Rs. 1.73 crores without taxes) for its cars. The exotic car maker also said that it will launch one new model a year to boost growth and plans to sell 4000 cars annually by 2017. McLaren sold 1400 cars in 2013 and has a target to sell 1600 cars this year. Finally, a car maker that wants to stick to its roots and not just venture out for just profits.

McLaren’s latest hyper car the P1 is a plug-in hybrid model and is powered by a 3.8-litre V8 engine combined with an electric motor that puts out 903 BHP. The P1 is a revolutionary piece of technology using the best in the automotive world under its skin which includes a monocage chassis made out of carbon fibre, Akebono mirror finish carbon ceramic brakes and much more, no expenses spared. 0-100 km/hr comes up in 2.8 seconds and the top speed has been electronically limited to 349 km/hr.

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