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We have seen and read about many electric two-wheelers but this one is quite different from others. The Johammer is an electric bike produced by Hammerschmid Maschinenbau which is a company based in Austria. At first glance, the vehicle doesn’t look like a conventional motorcycle at all. The way the body has been designed and integrated as well as other styling elements make the bike look quite distinct. Most of us will find the Johammer to be quirky looking but there is no way we can call it ugly. Formerly, this motorcycle was known as ‘Biiista’ and it has been re-branded only recently.

This electric motorcycle is available in two variants – J1.150 and J1.200 weighing 158 kgs and 177 kgs respectively. The J1.150 is powered by a 8.3 kWh battery which gives the motorcycle a total range of around 150 kms while the J1.200 is powered by a 12.7 kWh battery which makes the EV run approximately 200 kms on a single charge. The manufacturer claims that these figures are the highest ever achieved on any electric two-wheeler. This long range should be beneficial for those who wish to enjoy medium-length highway rides just cruising around as well as running short errands within city limits.

The Johammer isn’t developed to churn out quick acceleration figures. It has been designed keeping practicality in mind. For accelerating from 48 km/hr to 80 km/hr, both the bikes take four seconds while 48-100 km/hr sprint takes eight seconds. The manufacturer claims that the battery will last the bike’s lifetime and it won’t lose more than 15% of its capacity in a span of four years.

The Johammer also doesn’t get any foot controls. All controls are mounted on the grips on the mirror stalks and the rider needs to control everything using these. There is no instrument cluster too and all details are displayed on the mirrors. The Johammer electric motorcycle costs approximately 25,000 euros which translates to Rs. 21 lakhs. Because of the lack of infrastructure here as well the cost-sensitive market, the Johammer cannot be expected to make its way to India.

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Johammer Electric Motorcycle

Johammer Electric Bike