The made in Pune Mercedes-Benz GLC will be exported to the United States by next month.

Mercedes GLC Celebration Edition Front
Mercedes-Benz India to export GLC to the US from next month

Mercedes-Benz will now export their compact luxury SUV GLC to the United States from the Pune based plant. This luxury SUV is based on the C-Class sedan. It is the highest selling vehicle from the Mercedes SUV lineup. This car will be exported to the US by next month.

The current GLC models which are sold in US are produced in Bremen, Germany. The company finds it difficult to reach the higher demand for GLCs in the US. The GLC is in great demand globally and therefore the company uses their global production network in four different continents, including the Pune plant to reach the desired demand.

Exporting vehicles from India to the US might be expensive than from Bremen but Mercedes will save up on labour cost and other costs of production in India. The study also says that India will play a bigger role now in terms of vehicle exports. This action will take a rise on the Indian economy scale as well.

The GLC made for the US in Pune plant will be different from the Indian GLC, as per the US requirements. Mercedes has informed (NHTSA) National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, US Government about their import plans. India has been a difficult place to make quality supply as per the foreign demand, now Mercedes might change the scene.

Mercedes GLC Export

– Mercedes-Benz GLC will be export to the US
– Mercedes to commence exports starting next month
– Manufacturing in India lowers the overall cost of production

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The Mercedes-Benz GLC has a great demand globally

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