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The ride is smooth and the ZS feels confident around corners

Our experience with the car was limited but in the short time behind the wheel, we found the steering to be light at low speeds, weighing up around the corners, while body roll being well contained. The MG ZS EV doesn’t exhibit any sort of nervousness even when you get aggressive with turn-ins although it’s not really a car for aggressive driving as the suspension is set up to be compliant over bad roads yet firm enough to not exhibit heavy nose-dive under emergency braking, which we tried and found the brakes to be very strong.

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The cabin scores high on practicality and good build quality

Like the Hector, the ZS’ cabin is very spacious and comes loaded with the latest features and equipment

The interior of the MG ZS EV looks sporty with the all-black dashboard, sporty side AC vents and soft-touch materials on top of the dash, one will only find hard plastics lower down though. There are a good amount of storage spaces and we particularly liked the switches for gear selection as well as the Jaguar like centre cubby hole. This EV will be feature loaded with connected car features but the one big trump card it has, is the massive panoramic roof which brings in a lot of airy feeling inside the cabin. The seats are comfy, the rear one is set a bit low, thereby ensuring good headroom for tall passengers while compromising on under-thigh support. However, rear-seat space is just fab with a good amount of knee-room and legroom on offer. Even the boot is big enough but our test car was devoid of a spare wheel and thus the charging cables were placed below the boot floor. The India model will get a spare wheel and the cables will eat a bit into the trunk.

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The front grille houses the charge port

The ZS follows the modern MG design language and doesn’t look like a jacked-up hatch which its chief rival in India does. It looks under-tyred from certain angles but the tyres are big enough at 215/50/17. The front grille might remind you of the Mercedes A-Class but pushing it will reveal the charging ports of this electric vehicle. MG has ensured the ZS EV is ready for the Indian monsoon and the battery pack is sealed so well that the company demonstrated a waterlogged scenario where the car just glided through.

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The ZS EV will be launched in India early next year

The MG ZS EV is a promising car which offers the electric experience without compromising on crucial factors like comfort, space, and practicality. It drives well, performance isn’t a compromise in any way and the range is great too. Pricing and charging infrastructure will play a crucial role in the success of the ZS but knowing MG, we believe they will be aggressive with both the ownership cost as well as ensuring buyers are able to charge the car hassle-free with fast charging stations. The MG ZS EV will be launched in January 2020 and is expected to be priced under Rs. 25 lakhs, it comes to us via the CKD route.

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The ZS EV’s success depends upon MG’s charging network and pricing