Michelin has entered the scooter tyre market in India with the new City Pro range for scooters and motorcycles up to 150cc displacement.

2016 Michelin City Pro Scooter Tyre
Michelin has a production facility at Chennai where tyres for trucks and buses are produced

The scooter market in India is fast developing due to the increasing traffic and the convenience they deliver in urban conditions. People are giving up motorcycles as the new generation scooters come with all the features and power found on the motorcycles and women have always looked upon the scooters for their daily commute. Looking at this situation, Michelin has entered the scooter tyre market with the launch of the new City Pro range of tyres for motorcycles and scooters of up to 150cc.

Michelin claims that the City pro is specially developed to handle the stress caused due to use in urban areas. The tyres are a combination of Michelin Overlap Technology with a layer of rubber beneath the tread marks and three reinforced plies which reduces the risk of punctures while the wet grip is ensured by the new pattern of tread marks and large grooves on the circumference. The new range of tyres are available at all the Michelin premium dealerships, Priority partners and Tyreplus outlets across the country.

Michelin offers a number of products for two-wheeler, four-wheeler, passenger vehicles, trucks, buses and other transportation vehicles such as tempos along with tyres for hard core off-roading machines. The French manufacturer has a factory in Chennai where a number of radial tyres for trucks and buses are produced. The City Pro tyres will come in three sizes which include 90/100-1053J TL front and rear, 2.75-1741P TL front and 3.00-1750P TL rear.

Michelin started in 1889 which is 127 years ago and has carried on the production since then, currently the company is spread in 170 countries with 68 manufacturing units at 17 different countries. The firm produces tyres for almost all vehicles irrespective of how fast, slow, heavy or light it is and its tyres have participated in MotoGP from 1972 to 2008 after which the riders felt that they were inferior when compared to others such as Bridgestone. Its Formula One career started in 1977 and ended in the 2006 season due to spoiled relations with the governing body.

2016 Michelin City Pro Table
Michelin City Pro tyres will come in three sizes