QJ Motor SRT 500 vs Benelli TRK 502
The QJ SRT 500 has a sleeker design than the TRK 502

Benelli has come up with a new version of the TRK 502 adventure motorcycle with its parent Chinese company Qianjiang. It is now renamed to QJ SRT 500 and gets some visual enhancements along with other improvements.

The updated adventure motorcycle looks much sleeker than its Benelli counterpart. It gets a sharper beak, new headlight, revised visor styling and a new fuel tank design. It looks much leaner than the TRK 502’s bulky tank.

The bike will be offered in two different variants in China. One will be more on-road performance focused version for touring while the other will be more off-road oriented with relevant equipment.

Most of the parts will be shared with the Benelli bike. It will be powered by the same 500cc engine but with more power on offer at 48 HP, compared to Benelli’s 47 HP. It will be lighter than the Benelli too, shedding 10 kg of weight at 225 kg.

The rebranding was first seen with the Benelli TNT 600i that was revealed as QJ Motor SRK600 in China. They will come up with a faired version of the same bike called SRG600 and a big adventure bike called SRB750.

The new rebranding program between Benelli and its Chinese parent company will expand their product portfolio targeting a wider set of audience in different countries and markets. Let us know what do you think about this strategy.

New Benelli TRK 502

  • This is the revised version of the TRK 502 in a rebranded avatar
  • The rebranded model SRT 500 will be a China specific adventure bike
  • The will be available in China in 2 variants – on-road and off-road
QJ Motor SRT 500
The bike will be offered in 2 different versions in the Chinese market

Source – Bennetts.co.uk