Honda is looking for a fruitful second innings in India with their hopes heavily pinned on Next Gen Brio and Amaze expected to be in the market by 2018-2019.

2016 Honda Amaze Facelift Test Drive
Honda recently launched an updated version of the Amaze

Honda had an increment in sales of just about 2% over the past year, whereas most of its competitors are enjoying the highest growth rate the industry has seen over the past 3 financial years. The Japanese giant has its hopes now pinned on the vehicles which garner larger demand in a country like India and they happen to be the next generation Brio and Amaze.

The new Brio and Amaze are codenamed 2UA and 2UB respectively. The engine lineup powering the vehicles might largely remain the same along with automatic transmission being thrown in there to mate with the engines. We also expect a lot of cosmetic changes to these vehicles along with highly revamped interiors and a lot of feature additions.

The updated versions of Brio and Amaze are expected to hit the showrooms by 2018-19. Along with that Honda, will also launch the new Accord and CR-V. The development of these products is extremely important from the company perspective because in the wake of rising competition, automakers definitely need to buck up.

Next Gen Honda Brio and Amaze

– Honda will launch the next generation Brio and Amaze
– Both the cars are set to get all new exteriors and interiors
– Honda will also launch the new Accord and updated CR-V

Honda Brio Automatic Road Test
The Brio has been on sale since quite a few years without getting any major updates