NGT has asked Volkswagen India for a clarification on why only 64% of the affected cars have been recalled yet.

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The EA189 diesel engine is very popular worldwide

Volkswagen suffered a huge setback after it came to light that the company is fitting its diesel cars with a ‘cheat device’. This enabled the manufacturer to control the engine performance during the emission tests while otherwise the cars continued to emit above the permitted levels.

After the dieselgate scandal came to light, to mend its wrongdoings, Volkswagen had submitted a roadmap to the court as to how it plans to fix its polluting diesel engines. Though the company began updating the software of the polluting cars, the National Green Tribunal (NGT) has asked them to explain their lack of commitment in completely implementing the plan.

According to the National Green Tribunal’s report, Volkswagen has only fixed 3.23 lakhs diesel cars in India. This only accounts for 64% of the total cars that have the polluting diesel engine problem here. This is also about 16% less than the global recall rate of 79.7% that is now touching 80%.

The hearing bench headed by Adarsh Kumar who is also the NGT Chairperson has asked Volkswagen why no action should be taken against them in this regard. The NGT is acting on a petition filed by a school teacher, Saloni Ailawadi and a few others. The petitioners are seeking a ban on the sale of Volkswagen vehicles for alleged violations of emission norms by the brand.

Volkswagen India Dieselgate

– The company was fitting their diesel cars with a ‘cheat device’ to pass the emission tests
– Volkswagen was fined $ 1.2 billion and was asked to repair the affected cars
– In India, only 64% of the cars have been fixed so far

Volkswagen had submitted a road plan to fix the affected cars but has failed to follow it