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The Japanese auto manufacturer, Nissan unveiled their stunning concept called the Hi-Cross concept at the currently on-going Geneva Motor Show, which gives us a glimpse of the future X-Trail, due in 2013. With the unveiling of the Hi-Cross Concept, Nissan heralds a possible new future design direction. Primarily a cross-over, the Nissan Hi-Cross concept will bolster Nissan’s presence in the cross-over segment which currently includes the Nissan Juke, Nissan Qashqai and the Nissan Murano. Mr. Andy Palmer, Executive Vice President, Nissan Motor Co. Ltd commented on the occasion saying that Nissan has been very successful in the cross-over segment by creating the Murano and then expanding the genre with Juke and Qashqai.

With the Nissan Hi-Cross Concept, Nissan is exploring possibilities of firming their position in new ways. The Hi-Cross Concept has been built on an extensively revised platform and its wheelbase stands at 2780mm. The car measures 4660mm in length, 1850mm in width and 1670mm in height overall. One of the attractive features of the styling aspect is the V-shaped front grille flanked by stylish sweep-back headlamps (vaguely similar to the XUV500). On the side, bold character line extends from the bonnet all the way to the D-pillar. The rear also looks smashing with sharp feature lines.

Under the hood, the Nissan Hi-Cross Concept gets a hybrid powertrain. Nissan uses a 2.0 litre direct injection gasoline engine which is coupled to an electric motor running on Nissan developed compact Li-ion battery. Nissan says this combination results in the same performance output to an equivalent 2.5 litre gasoline with added benefits like more fuel economy and lesser emissions. The drivetrain is based on new technology developed by Nissan but for only front wheel drive. The new system’s innovative approach to affordability and packaging adopts ‘one-motor, two clutch’ technology linked to Nissan’s new generation XTRONIC continuously variable transmission. The battery pack used in the Hi-Cross has been taken straight from the Nissan Leaf.

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