Automakers copyright almost every major component on their vehicles in every country and this does not necessarily mean they will be launching the vehicle in our country.

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Automakers patent even the smallest of components in order to prevent exploitation of design

It is always exciting to talk about upcoming launches, especially if it is an all new product that will be revealed in the market. Certainly, the mysterious aura surrounding the model keeps you as well as us equally inquisitive while keeping the engagement quotient high. Adding fuel to this fire are the numerous spy shots that open room for debates, arguments, possibilities and a lot more. In recent months, it has been a slew of new patent filings of vehicles or vehicle components that are keeping the masses abuzz about the upcoming offerings. However, as exciting they may appear, patent filings do no necessitate the launch of that respective model in the country.

Developing a new vehicle from scratch to the manufacturing period takes roughly around four years to complete and takes an extremely dedicated team behind the development of a product. Even in this day and age where parts sharing is a common practice, most components are designed as all new and automotive companies need to ensure that their design/idea/innovation/technology is prevented from being stolen or manipulated with. Hence, companies practice a simple task of copyrighting everything in every country to avoid exploitation of their design.

Hence, if a patent for a global vehicle has been filed in India, it does not confirm that the model will also be launched in the country. It has now turned into a standard practice for automakers globally to file for patents and the same is done for the protection of professional interests. So the next time you see that scoop, exclusive, reveal word in the headline with the corresponding terms ‘patent filings’; we’d suggest you take it with a pinch of salt before proceeding further.

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Copyright infringement will invite several lawsuits at the automaker’s doorstep unless it’s China