Performance bikes are going to be at large in the coming six months. There are going to be so many of them that step by step it will be difficult for us to decide what to buy and what not to buy! All of them ranging from Rs. 1.5 to 3 lakh, they are going to create a racket on the roads and tracks of India. Affordable sport biking can be seen on the horizon in our country, finally. Performance motorcycle market leader, Bajaj is leading the charge here with two new models from their side while other companies will launch their products before the year 2015 ends. We are putting a small pictorial trailer for you guys to let you know what awesomeness is on its way, very soon.

KTM RC 390 2014

1) KTM RC 390 – The RC 390 is almost ready for launch and it should come by next month and blow the enthusiasts away with the same engine of the Duke 390 but now, it has “clothes” on it. Enthusiasts are waiting for sharper steering and dedicated ergonomics to improve their track skills and enjoy the massive pulling power. The RC 200 will follow shortly after the launch of the RC 390.

Pulsar SS400 2014

2) Bajaj Pulsar SS200 – The Pulsar SS200 is going to look similar to the Pulsar SS400 but is going to be even more value for money. DRL lights, projector headlights and every other feature is going to be carried forward. The Pulsar SS200 will be the first motorcycle after the Pulsar 220 FI, which is going to carry fuel injection system and SS400 is going to be the next in line. Expect one of a kind character from the engine which is bound to win hearts!

2014 Honda CBR300R

3) Honda CBR300R – The CBR300R is one of the most talked about Honda motorcycles in the country today. Mini Fireblade inspired styling, 286cc pumped up engine which now produces additional 5 BHP of power and 4 Nm of torque while being lighter by 8 kgs, that would give higher cruising speeds. If only Honda gets the price right since day one, Honda fanboys don’t need to look elsewhere.

Yamaha R25 Launch Indonesia

4) Yamaha R25 – If CBR300R is the most talked about motorcycle, the Yamaha R25 has been desired for more than four years. The R25 is showcased in Indonesia and seems very promising. Twin-cylinder screaming engine with a redline of 14,000 RPM is going to please everybody’s senses. Lack of ABS and high pricing may be disappointing for strict budget riders but Yamaha’s fan following with posers and aam junta will do anything to get it.

2014 Mahindra Mojo 8

5) Mahindra Mojo – The Mahindra Mojo has been even more awaited than the Yamaha R25. The Mojo production version was seen at the Auto Expo and it’s ready now. 300cc, DOHC engine producing roughly 28 BHP of power will end up competing with the mighty Honda CBR300R and Hero HX250R. A neck-neck comparison of these motorcycles show how the market tides are turning upside down when it comes to performance motorcycling. A well priced Mojo can steal the show from established manufacturers.

TVS Draken

6) TVS Apache – A TVS 250cc cannot be ruled out anymore. Confirmed by TVS and endless scoops now suggest this is going to turn into reality. A 250CC 30 BHP motor is what is expected. Pricing as always should be killer and expect this to compete with the 30 BHP gang such as the Honda CBR300R, Mahindra Mojo and Hero HX250R.

Hyosung GD250N Road Test

7) Hyosung GD250N – The Hyosung GD250N is a clear cut reply to the KTM Duke 200. Same styling, same equipment and same idea makes it compete with the Mattighofen growler. The Hyosung has more power and torque and the power-to-weight ratio is even higher than the Duke 200. However, when we rode the prototype we were not impressed with it. The Duke 200 is still the most fun to ride entry level motorcycle you can buy. However, you never know what Hyosung does to the prototype, it can come up with anything.

Hero MotoCorp HX250R 08

8) Hero HX250R – The Hero HX250R stunned the world with its 250cc single-cylinder engine creating the most horsepower while having the lightest kerb weight. The HX250R is already the most highly awaited motorcycle. Expect a good pricing from Hero and Hero loyalists will do anything to get their hands on it. ABS and sticky tyres will help put the power done well and safely. Expect the HX250R to come in the market this year and be the fastest quarter-litre machine of its time.