Several politicians conducted a protest against the helmet compulsion rule at a crematorium in Pune.

Protest Against Helmet Mandate Pune
Helmet Sakti Virodhak Samiti protested against the helmet mandate at a crematorium

In a mockery of the law and the rituals performed after death, members of ‘Helmet Sakti Virodhi Kruti Samiti’ last week conducted the ‘last rites’ at Vaikunth Crematorium.

Led by Shiv Sena leader Mahadev Babar, the members shouted slogans and criticised the police administration for implementing the Helmet Rule. They had gathered on the premises of Vaikunth crematorium in Navi Peth where three families were decreasing the last rites of their deceased members.

The angry family members were angered by the actions and said that the cremation land is not a place for such demonstrations and that the sanity, dignity and respect of the rituals must be maintained. One mourner said that it was nothing but an election stunt and that instead of protesting against the helmet mandate these people (politicians) should build toilets to fetch votes. Another man said “Helmets must be used. People who don’t use helmets will come here prematurely.”

The anti-helmet protestors placed a cervical column and a wig on the helmet before laying the garlands. The security guard said that the protestors blocked the entrance, walked to the courtyard and placed the helmet on the ceremonial stone shelf.

They followed some cremation rituals for the helmet. Leaders including Babar, NCP leader Ankush Kakade, BJP leader Sandeep Khardekar, activist Vivek Velankar, former corporator Shiva Mantri and others criticised the helmet mandate and demanded its withdrawal.

Kakade said they tried to seek permission on Monday from the police for an agitation outside the commissioner’s office or at Tilak Statue near Mahatma Phule Mandai.

“We were denied the permission and hence we decided to protest at Vaikunth” he added. Khardekar said Punekars do not want the mandate. “Other rules and laws are not being implemented by the Pune police”, he stated.

Babar said, “Punekars, the protesters here and Shiv Sena do not want the helmet mandate. If the helmet mandate is not withdrawn and the government doesn’t step in, citizens will not vote for them in the elections.” He further added that many people in the police force were also against the mandate but he refused to give their names by saying “I cannot name them or they will be suspended”.

Velankar stated that the police are implementing the helmet rule as it is easy to catch helmet-less riders than implement some other traffic rules.

We believe that more traffic laws should be constructed in order to make riding absolutely safe. However, we do not agree with the helmet mandate protest. Helmets are crucial in saving your head and thereby your life in case of an accident. The city of Pune has many two-wheeler users and by not wearing helmets, they are putting their lives in grave danger. In our country, where the number of two-wheelers is swelling and roads getting more chaotic, safety should be of paramount importance to each and every two-wheeler user. We strongly advise you to get a good quality helmet that is comfortable and fits well for you and your pillion rider. Using helmets and following traffic rules will save your life.

Protest Against Mandating Helmets

– Pune politicians protested against the mandating of helmets at a crematorium
– Claimed that even the citizens and some police are against the rule
– MotorBeam urges you to wear your helmet at all times

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