Reports of Bajaj returning to manufacture scooters once more has been put to rest by Rajiv Bajaj.

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Bajaj is currently enjoying a lot of success in the motorcycle market

A nation’s automotive sector is a very big indicator of the well-being of its people and their economic situation. India learned to ride mechanised vehicle first on just two wheels as cars have always been considered as the bastion of the rich and privileged. Calling Bajaj a household name in the scooter segment would be the understatement of the century as during the 80s and 90s, the venerable Bajaj Chetak was the workhorse for millions of Indians.

But this is 2017 and the largest two-wheeler market in the world is completely dominated by motorcycles and gearless scooters from Japan, with Bajaj having virtually no existence in the scooter market. And according to the latest words by its MD, Rajiv Bajaj, the company does not plan to return to the segment anytime soon

Recently in an interview, Industrialist Rajiv Bajaj, in somewhat harsh words, said that diverging at the moment into the scooter playground would be a big gamble and would lead to distractions and fragmentation of resources. Quoting the Mahabharata, he said that they are inspired by the great Arjuna and are focused on motorcycles as ‘the eye of the bird’. He came down hard on the media and lamented that they consider scooters as the natural extension for motorcycles and every company should make them, whereas in his eyes, the same concept is completely wrong.

He also stated that currently Bajaj has only 10 percent global motorcycle market share, and thus they should try to move up in the motorcycle segment which is 35 million vehicles worldwide, from 10 to 30 percent, instead of gunning for scooters where the company has to start from scratch.

These statements from the head honcho of Bajaj clearly portray the future strategy of the motorcycle major, who is currently riding a wave of success owing to its Pulsar range and the INS Vikrant inspired V-range of commuter bikes. The announcement also effectively kills the news of resurrection of the new generation Chetak scooter doing the rounds. Bajaj is also gearing up for the upcoming Pulsar festival of speed to enthrall its fans.

Bajaj Won’t Make Scooters

– Rajiv Bajaj has vehemently stated that Bajaj is not branching off its business in the scooter segment
– He said that they would not start from zero for the scooter segment
– Bajaj is currently enjoying a good amount of success in the motorcycle market

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