Renault will sell only India-specific petrol cars in the domestic market from April 2020.

Renault Triber First Look Review
The recently launched Triber comes only with a petrol engine

Renault has decided to get rid of their diesel powered engines. The company will cease the sale of diesel cars from April 2020, focusing their attention and resources only towards the petrol cars, treading the same path that Maruti Suzuki walked on quite earlier.

Car manufacturers will toil due to the stringent emission norms draining their resources in making the engines compatible with the cleaner fuel. This would require a significant hike in prices and it wouldn’t be feasible and plausible for a customer to pay an auxiliary amount of Rs. 2-3 lakhs over a petrol car of the same specification.

Renault’s resolute approach to present the portfolio with ‘India-specific’ models is highly commendable for the domestic market. Feature fascinated buyers in India are going to find this exciting. The next three cars will be sharing the same technology. Triber is the major player in the development of this platform. Moreover, Renault is using the same platform in the development of a new compact SUV, codenamed HBC. It will be launched in the upcoming year.

Supposedly, we expect discontinuation of the Captur by next year. It didn’t do well in India because of its high pricing and the absence of an automatic or AWD.

Renault India will concentrate largely on the rural market for the following three years. Likewise, increasing the number of touch points from 350 to 720. Statistically, the ratio of the touch points in the rural areas will increase to 70% by the end of 2022.

As much of the decision making is based on forecasting, it remains unclear whether the revised path would bear some fruits or take them overboard. Renault savours a very small portion of the Indian market and hence, cutting down the costs is imperative. If they’re able to achieve the same level of triumph through their research and development, just like Tata did with their Harrier, we might see some hustle-bustle in this segment. After all, rivalry, always works in the best interest of customers.

Renault Diesel Cars

– Renault will cease sales of diesel cars in India from April 2020
– Company will launch India-specific petrol cars
– Working on a compact SUV, codenamed HBC

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The Captur is likely to be discontinued in 2020