Renault India’s new plans are aimed at sales enhancement and impactful strategies to target rural areas.

Renault Triber First Look Review
Renault plans to sell around 7000 Renault Tribers per month in India by the end of 2019

Renault India is looking forward to expanding its reach in rural areas and thereby increase the customer traffic from the same. This is being done for a few reasons, one of them is the sedated sales of the auto industry and the other is growing competition. The company is considering various methods and calculates to retain 50% share from the rural market in the future.

Renault has revealed the Triber in India and wants to place it as a key volume driver for the brand. The carmaker also anticipates the Triber to surpass the Duster in sales in order to get a good hold on numbers beside the KWID and regain the sales pace. Currently, the rural market only contributes to 10% of the company’s domestic sales.

Renault hasn’t declared the pricing for the Triber yet but utters it to be affordable. If so, the company will get a noteworthy backup from the aforementioned model and will be a step closer to achieving the 21,000 units sales mark in the next 3-4 months. Future intents are to push the annual sales up to 2,00,000 units, but not in haste. Renault aims at reaching all the said milestones with proper planning in the next couple of years.

The company will also make sure to not cut the down on work-force even after the slowdown in sales, but rather polish employee skills and work on achieving their mid-term target. The last appreciable annual sales figure of 1,35,000 units was noted back in FY 2017 and the mark hasn’t been crossed since then. Matter of fact, Renault has sold 80,000 units in FY 2019.

Renault India Rural

– Sell 21,000 units of Renault Tribers by the end of 2019
– Increase rural market customer traffic
– Avoid cut-down of the working force in the company

2019 Renault Duster India (2)
Renault Duster sales have been a strong pillar for the company so far

Source: EconomicTimes