Royal Enfield climbs up into the top 5 motorcycle manufacturers’ list in India, overtaking Yamaha.

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Royal Enfield has shown 11% rise in sales despite competition from Jawa Motorcycles

Royal Enfield has been the hottest selling motorcycle brand in the past few years, with the updated engines and more launches, Royal Enfield has entered the mass production race. With the brand introducing the 650 twins, the Continental GT and the Interceptor, Royal Enfield is currently the brand on every enthusiast’s mind. The Classic series is also selling like hot pancakes in the market, increasing the brand sales as well as the brand value.

Eicher Motors owned Royal Enfield has sold 8,37,669 units in 2018 compared to the 7,52,880 units in 2017, showing an increase of 11% in sales. But all hasn’t been jolly for Royal Enfield as it faces tenacious competition from the rejuvenated Jawa brand.

With the introduction of Jawa Classic and Jawa 42, Royal Enfield has sold 65,026 units in November and in December they managed to sell only 56,026 units which is below their average monthly sales. Even though there is stiff competition in the market, Royal Enfield has managed to grow by 11% in sales, whereas Yamaha has grown by a measly 1%.

The two-wheeler industry has faced a bit of atrophy due to the fluctuating fuel prices and a rise in the insurance costs of motorcycles. The 2-wheeler market has seen a 12.8% rise in sales even in these unfavourable conditions in the latter half of 2018. Royal Enfield has managed to hold 3.9% market share due to these economic abnormalities whereas Yamaha has only held onto 3.7% of market share, even though the R15 maker’s offerings start at Rs. 50,000/- while the Royal Enfield range starts at Rs. 1,20,000/-.

The world’s largest two-wheeler manufacturer Hero MotoCorp stands on pole position, followed by Honda, TVS and Bajaj with Royal Enfield now on fifth position, the 2-wheeler market is dominated by Indian brands in our country.

Royal Enfield Beats Yamaha

– Royal Enfield has shown an 11% increase in sales
– Eicher Motors owned Royal Enfield holds 3.9% of market share in terms of sales
– Royal Enfield does not sell scooters like Yamaha, yet has seen an increase in sales

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