The Pune Traffic Police is penalising those Royal Enfield bikes with modified silencers that are made for a louder thump.

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The Traffic Police is also taking note of garages where these silencers are installed

Royal Enfield motorcycles are unknown for their distinctive thump that sets them apart from the other run of the mill bikes on sale. The sound of arrival for Enfield owners, there are some who prefer to make this sound louder and louder with an aftermarket or modified silencer. However, these loud silencers have been of too much annoyance to the residents of Pune, which has led to the city Traffic Police penalising Royal Enfield bike owners that have a silencer louder than the permissible limit.

Under Section 190 (2) of the Motor Vehicle Act (MVA), the Pune Traffic Police has started fining owners that have installed silencers with loud exhaust notes like the Indori Phataka (local name). A fine of Rs. 1000/- is levied on the owners and since the commencement of the drive on 14th July, the Police has registered over 350-400 such cases (14th July, 43 cases, Rs. 11,200/- collected; 15th July, 88 cases, Rs. 17,700/- collected; 16th July, 49 cases, Rs. 7300/- collected). In addition, the Pune Traffic Police is on the lookout for garages that conduct such kind of modifications and will be taking action against them while also applying severe fines.

Furthermore, Pune Traffic Police Deputy Commissioner, Sarang Awad confirmed that the noise pollution drive will be extended to other motorcycles as well. Simply put, bikes that do not adhere to the permissible silencers with modifications made to increase the exhaust sound will be fined. While Bullet owners take pride in their distinctive thump, it should not result into a nuisance for others living in the society. If you are a Pune resident and ride an RE with a louder silencer, we think you know what to do next.

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The stock silencers on all Royal Enfields don’t get affected by the noise pollution drive

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