RE has issued a recall in UK, Europe and Korea.

Himalayan Granite Black
The issue is related to brake calliper corrosion

Royal Enfield has recalled 15,200 motorcycles in some of its overseas markets. The voluntary recall is being done to fix a potential brake calliper corrosion issue in these bikes.

The RE Himalayan, Continental GT 650 and Interceptor 650 are affected in this recall. It is only announced for UK, Europe and Korea. India is not affected in this recall.

There are some countries where the government puts a combination of salts to prevent formation of ice during winter. Now, long term exposure of riding these bikes on such roads have affected a small number of bikes in specific countries.

This corrosion can damage the brake calliper piston bore and assemblies. This can result in unusual braking sound, increased brake drag and might impact braking action.

Bikes sold in these markets are recalled for inspection, cleaning and parts replacement. Royal Enfield will eventually replace calliper assemblies on these motorcycles with improved part.

The Indian market is not affected with this issue because we don’t have such roads where combination of salts are applied.

Meanwhile, RE is expected to launch the much awaited and delayed Meteor 350 soon. The bike was leaked recently which reveals the new styling details of the Thunderbird replacement. It will come with new features on offer.

Royal Enfield Recall

– 15,200 units affected in overseas market
– Recalled for brake related issue
– Not announced in India

Royal Enfield Continental GT 650 Ice Queen
Bikes are recalled in UK, Europe and Korea