Royal Enfield sued by Flash Electronics over patent infringement of the Regulator Rectifier Device.

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The Regulator Rectifier Device converts AC voltage to DC voltage in a motorcycle

Flash Electronics sues Royal Enfield in the US regarding the production of an important component for 2-wheelers. The Regulator Rectifier Device and Method for Regulating an Output Voltage of the Same is duly issued by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) to Flash Electronics on February 20, 2018, after Flash’s R&D department made a breakthrough invention of the component in 2014.

Flash Electronics has been a key manufacturer and supplier of this device to many leading 2-wheeler manufacturers in India and abroad. The Regulator Rectifier Device converts AC (Alternating Current) voltage produced in motorcycle engines into DC (Direct Current) voltage to charge the batteries, power the headlights, light up the instrument panel and operate all the other motorcycle’s electrical systems.

The company has been granted a patent in countries like Germany, France, Italy, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Sweden, Spain, Austria, Switzerland and Turkey. Flash Electronics will also be filing similar lawsuits in the respective jurisdictions soon.

Company officials at Flash Electronics have mentioned that it is quite unfortunate to have to deal with this incident against Royal Enfield and this case has damaged the relationship between the two companies. Officials at Flash Electronics have also stated that three senior officials from Royal Enfield approached the company to settle this dispute on the 12th October 2018, requesting the company to not file a lawsuit.

Royal Enfield has responded to this lawsuit that has been filed against them. In an official response from the Indian bike manufacturer, the company has been working with various suppliers for over 60 years in a legal and regulatory manner. The Bengaluru-based company has not received any official communication about the lawsuit that has been filed in the USA by Flash Electronics over the violation of the company’s patent on the Regulator Rectifier Device. Royal Enfield has said that they receive such components from an external, proprietary supplier, which independently develops and owns the IP rights of the said component. Royal Enfield denies allegations against them.

Royal Enfield Sued

– The issue arose over the violation of the patent of Regulator Rectifier Device
– The patent to the Regulator Rectifier Device was given to Flash Electronics on 20th February 2018
– Royal Enfield has denied any allegations that have been aimed at the company

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Flash Electronics has been granted patent of the device in European countries