Segway Apex H2 Side
It has a double swingarm setup

Segway, the maker of personal transporters, has unveiled the Apex H2, a hydrogen-powered motorcycle which will be put into production.

For starters, the motorcycle looks bonkers and straight out of a futuristic movie than the ones we are used to at present.

There is a thin headlight section above which sits the flyscreen. The fairing is simple to look at, while the slim tail section with a vertically positioned taillight completes the styling.

Although the design is frankly over the top, the paint scheme is rather polite even with the bright yellow flashes and crucially, it works well with the styling.

We cannot be sure if the large front wheel will be taken into production as is, for a slimmer front tyre would help handling hugely, but the double swingarm setup should be retained, for it adds to the coolness of the Segway Apex H2.

As mentioned above, the motorcycle is powered by hydrogen. It has an easy access compartment in which the swappable hydrogen fuel containers are stored. They feed the hydrogen fuel cell system of the motorcycle.

With there not being many hydrogen fuel outlets across the world, using swappable fuel containers does seem to be a logical and trick solution to a problem that would only be solved with the expenditure of plentiful time and money.

The motorcycle’s powertrain makes 80 HP claims Segway, and this would enable the vehicle to do the 0-100 km/hr run in less than 4 seconds. The top speed would apparently be 150 km/hr.

Reportedly set to be launched in 2023 overseas, the Segway Apex H2 will not be cheap. The brand has actually listed the bike’s cost already, which is close to Rs. 8 lakhs in Indian money.

Segway Apex H2 Rear
Hydrogen-powered vehicles are slowly making their way onto the mass market
Segway Apex H2
However, the infrastructure is not there for now