Remember Sonu Singh? The 29 year old medical equipment importer (read here to know who we are talking about). The dude from the Get Featured series is back and here is what he has to say : –

What my bike is now is thanks to some guys in my area. See, I have a problem since childhood. Its that I like all my stuff to be totally unique!!! Everything to my lighters,my cell phone and even my computer is painted and are added with graphics to my taste. My bike was the only matte bike around and I was pretty much happy until one day I see a couple of other matte bikes!! It was like every wanted their bike matte black!! As I told you earlier, I like my stuff to stand out so I decided to repaint the bike.

The problem is that I am supposed to ride my bike to Goa for new years eve in 4 days!!! That gives me three days to do my bike. I start with ripping the vinyl stickers. I decided to leave the base matte black as the coat was pretty neat. Black is my favorite color and next comes white, so I decided to add some white. As my base was matte I decided to add white in matte also but the problem is that I don’t know where and in which design to add it. I spent that day just thinking and this design struck me at 3 in the night when I am half dead on my bed!!

I could literally imagine the design in front of me and my eyes were wide open!! I had to do this right now cause i feared that if I sleep it will all be out of my mind in the morning. So I push my bike in the building corridor for light and start. I worked till 10 next morning but it was worth it when i saw the result! I liked the vinyl graphics on my previous design so I decided to use the same theme. I spread silver barb wires all over the white and then made the same skull as before, this time in white honeycomb reflective sticker (like they use on sign boards on expressways) in white, little finishing touches here and there and Voila!!! My bikes done!! Its completed one day in advance so I could show off in front of all those matte black bikes before leavin for goa. Thank you guys, keep encouraging me.