In the interest of revamping the present transport system in the country, the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways has proposed to increase the maximum speed of vehicles on Indian expressways.

Speed Limit In India
The top speed limit on expressways is to be revised very soon

The Central Government is planning to step up the top speed limit to 130-140 km/hr. It will promote faster transportation on quality roads. The current speed limit of 100 km/hr on expressways (it’s only 80 km/hr on the Mumbai-Pune expressway while the Ring Road in Hyderabad has a limit of 120 km/hr) in India is very low as compared to expressways throughout the world.

Nitin Jairam Gadakri, Minister of Road Transport and Highways, at an investors’ summit in Gurgaon, expressed his concerns over the development of Indian Expressways and National Highways. According to him, expressways have a separate pursuit and have to be dealt accordingly for decent mobility. In his address, he ensured standard safety measures for the vehicles on the road.

Gadkari also proposed to minimise the entry and exit points on the expressways and to increase the top speed limits for a hassle free transit system. He said that the speed limits of vehicles can be increased in the stretches where slow moving traffic and pedestrians are not allowed. The expansion of the road networks in India is also a prime focus of the government.

Comparing with the global speedway networks, the speed limits of 129 km/hr (USA), 120 km/hr (China) and 130 km/hr (France), Indian expressways with a speed limit of 100 km/hr, need to be much more safer for such faster travel. Road safety for the vehicles is the first priority of the government. At present, the speed limits on roads are notified by local administration. Government is now trying to standardise these traffic norms.

Speed Limit In India

– Top speed on the expressways is proposed to be increased up to 130 – 140 km/hr
– Effective and vibrant safety measures are necessary to reduce fatal road crashes
– Standardisation of road networks through out the nation is planned

Expressway Speed Limit
Government is planning to increase the current speed limit to 140 km/hr