Suzuki SFV650 Gladius Price

After the price reduction in India of the Inazuma by a whopping Rs. 1 lakh, Suzuki did the same thing in Indonesia as well. We all know that the Inazuma is a great product but the styling and price was not so special. With the recent price cut, the Inazuma has become a worthy option everywhere. Meanwhile, this has been happening with some of Suzuki’s other models around the world as well.

The Suzuki Gladius SV650 has been one of the great middleweights like other bikes in the category but since it was not a looker (just like the Inazuma) or infact like any other high-end Suzuki motorcycle, the Gladius went down the hill drastically. The Kawasaki Ninja 650 pretty much destroyed it and the MT-07 has annihilated it. Suzuki being Suzuki has done a price reduction on the SV650 in the UK where the MT-07 has struck the right chords of bikers. The price has been decreased by 1000 Euros which is Rs. 82,000/-.

Suzuki says that the price cut has been done because of the market demand and changing activities in the segment. Suzuki also says that the YEN exchange rate has been favourable when compared to Euro which has allowed them to cut the price significantly. The Suzuki Gladius has already been declared a flop in the markets around the world as it lies dud in showrooms throughout the globe. Suzuki must been working hard on a replacement model just like Kawasaki is working on the Ninja 650 upgrade. Yamaha has shown it has the potential to shake world markets with its products. The response to the R25 has been great in Asian markets and the MT-07, MT-09 have changed market dynamics. The MT-125 is already considered stellar in front of the KTM Duke 125 which it competes with. Yes Yamaha? Certainly Yes!

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Suzuki SFV650 Gladius