Suzuki Gixxer

Suzuki has finally stepped up its game to reply to its Japanese competitors, after a slack of five years. Point in case is the Suzuki Gixxer which is set to debut in July 2014 and was first showcased at an event in Mumbai and then later at the 2014 Auto Expo. The Gixxer as we all know is a very promising product. The styling, features and dynamics are assured because of the components used on the motorcycle. Fatter forks, mono suspension, rigid single downtube chassis and much more in terms of goodies.

What we all thought was that the engine was being lifted from the GSX150R and it will have more power and torque with the same 6-speed gearbox. However, at the launch itself our readers with sharp memory will remember that we told you that it’s coming with a 5-speed gearbox. Power and torque output of the Suzuki Gixxer were unknown until now. Indonesian brothers have sneaked out the power and torque figures. The Gixxer produces 14.8 PS of power and 14 Nm of torque from its 150cc single-cylinder, SOHC mill. The bike will get Suzuki Eco Performance (SEP) for improved fuel efficiency.

The motor has fuel fed through a carburettor. The numbers seem disappointing because the Yamaha FZ still produces minutely more horsepower and torque. The RPM at which these numbers are produced is still unknown and the kerb weight is also under wraps. The GS150R produces lower output with peak power of 13.9 PS coming in at 8500 RPM while the torque is lower at 13.4 Nm. The disappointment is because even higher numbers were expected than the FZ and the Gixxer was supposed to be close to the class leading TVS Apache RTR 160 in terms of engine output.

Honda is about to join the league soon, with the launch of their 160cc motorcycle and it is surely going to produce more than 14 BHP because the CB Trigger already produces the same horsepower and there will surely be a difference between the two in terms of output. The Suzuki Gixxer is in the same ball park and will come in the fight, giving tough time to rivals like the FZ and Hero Xtreme. Reason? Suzuki has said that the pricing is going to be absolutely killer. Let’s wait and watch as this segment is about to unfold in a matter of a few months’ time.

Suzuki Gixxer Instrument Console

Suzuki Gixxer Auto Expo