Suzuki Gixxer vs Yamaha FZ-S V3 Comparison Review
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Shootout: Suzuki Gixxer vs Yamaha FZ-S V3

Shootout No. 233

Price OTR Mumbai: Rs. 1,30,000/- (Suzuki Gixxer), Rs. 1,20,500/- (Yamaha FZ-S V3)

Both these motorcycles are leaders of the 150cc premium commuter segment

We all know that the Yamaha FZ kickstarted the premium commuter segment in India while the Suzuki Gixxer followed and got a fanbase of its own. With the version 3 update of the FZ, there have been a lot of changes while the Gixxer has got a major update too. While both these designs will continue to BS6, the premium commuter rivalry still stays strong. There are some differences between these motorcycles which can lead to the final decision of buying either of these.

Motor Quest: Yamaha launched the FZ in the year 2008 while Suzuki launched the Gixxer after 6 years in 2014. While there have been slight changes all along, both the FZ and Gixxer got a major design update in 2019.

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The headlight is bigger with better illumination on the Gixxer than the FZ

Styling – Both the motorcycles have got all-new LED headlights while Gixxer is the only motorcycle with an LED tail light too. The Gixxer gets halogen indicators while the FZ gets halogen indicators as well as a taillight. There is a beefy design on the FZ with a larger piece tank which ends with chrome vents as a cowl while the Gixxer has multiple edgy panels which are similar to the earlier design. The lines flowing from the tank to the tail are a lot smoother and bulkier for the FZ while a lot sleeker and sharper for the Gixxer. There is a belly pan present on the FZ while the Gixxer misses out on one. The FZ also gets a simple saree guard while the Gixxer gets a larger and an uglier unit.

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The FZ looks beefy and macho while the Gixxer looks sleek and sharp

The Yamaha FZ has a matte paint job while the Suzuki Gixxer has it in gloss

The Suzuki Gixxer is available in 3 colour options while the Yamaha FZ has 4 colour options to choose from. The black plastic panels are present in similar places on both the motorcycles but the ones on the FZ are larger than the Gixxer. The FZ also gets a single-piece black coloured grabrail which looks old fashioned but tough while the Gixxer has split grabrails finished in body colour. The Gixxer also has a split-seat setup while the FZ has retained a single-piece seat. Yamaha has moved towards a simpler design language with bigger panels and usage of chrome too while Suzuki has shifted to making the motorcycle look more sharp and sleek.