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Yamaha FZ leads in refinement and economy

Performance – While both the motorcycles are from the same category, the rivalry is even more intense. The Gixxer is powered by a 155cc motor while the FZ has a slightly smaller 149cc motor. Similarly, the Gixxer produces 1.4 BHP and 0.2 Nm of torque more than the FZ. While both the motorcycles have the same redline of 10,000 RPM the power delivery is more linear in the FZ than that on the Gixxer. The Gixxer definitely has a sharper low-end and a strong top-end but the FZ has the most wide-spread and useful mid-range. Getting off the line quickly or maintaining a higher top-speed is easy for the Gixxer but the FZ is apt for city duties. Both the motorcycles have FI while the throttle response is sharper on the Gixxer.

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The Suzuki Gixxer is a better overall performer

The Suzuki Gixxer is quick and fast while the Yamaha FZ is smooth and linear

Suzuki has really worked upon the gearbox on the Gixxer taking off all the false neutrals and hard shifts. But even though both the motorcycles get a 5-speed gearbox, the Yamaha FZ has comparatively smoother shifts. The clutch is also lighter on the FZ making it apt for traffic situations. The motor on the Gixxer is now smoother but the refinement on the FZ is unmatched. There are some vibrations that can be felt in the top-end of the Gixxer but none for the FZ. The FZ also has a bassy exhaust note but the Gixxer is louder and sounds better. The FZ is a bit more fuel-efficient and it has a better range too with a slightly larger fuel tank than the Gixxer.