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Gixxer’s console has a white background and it is comparatively larger

Instrument Cluster and Switchgear – The instrument cluster on the Suzuki Gixxer was superior to the Yamaha FZ from the start and same is the case again. Although both the motorcycles have got new clusters, the Gixxer still displays a lot more information than the FZ. While the tachometer, fuel gauge and speedometer are standard in both the consoles, the Gixxer adds a gear-position indicator, time display and a service reminder. While going through the rest of the data like odometer and twin trip meters, one has to keep clicking on the console buttons.

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FZ gets an all-digital cluster but it is just too small

Gixxer’s console has 2 buttons to change and reset information while the FZ has just 1 button to do the job

The console on the Gixxer has a white background and is bigger in size than the FZ. While the FZ got a digital console for the first time, it is not as satisfactory. The left side switchgear is similar both on the FZ as well as the Gixxer but the right-side switchgear which contains the starter and kill-switch is far better on the Gixxer than the FZ. Both the Gixxer and FZ have exposed consoles as both miss out on any kind of visor too.

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Yamaha FZ has a lot more commuter-oriented ergonomics than the Suzuki Gixxer

Ergonomics – The Gixxer, as well as the FZ, retain their ergonomics from before and they are quite close to each other. The seat height of FZ is 790 mm while Gixxer is 5 mm higher at 795 mm. Both the motorcycles have an upright riding posture with centre-set footpegs and a straight handlebar. However, the handlebar is slightly higher on the FZ making it a tad bit more comfortable. The Gixxer is slightly wider and longer than the FZ but both the motorcycles have enough room for the rider as well as the pillion. The seat cushioning is on the softer side on the FZ as compared to that on the Gixxer.